BBCode: QR-Code 1.0.1

Adds a “QR-Code – BBCode“ to the WoltLab Suite™.

Simple creation of a QR-Code

With the help of this BBCode you can easily create a QR-Code. Use the following BBCode to create it:

[qrcode]Your QR-Code – Content[/qrcode]


This extension requires the following developer package (also available here):

Bugs & Support

Packageidentifier: de.d1strict.wsc.plugin.qr-code-bbcode

  • Version 1.0.1

    • New: A foreground and background color can now be defined. The BBCode is structured as follows:
      • Content
      • Foreground-Color
      • Background-Color
        • Example: [qrcode='Your QR-Code – Content ','#fcba03','#fc03f4'][/qrcode]
    • Change: The display of the QR code has been changed.
    • Bug-Fix: Fixed an error that generated a Fatal Error if the content of the BBCode consisted only of blank lines.


    • qrcode.png
  • Version 1.0.0

    • Initial publication