License: Free Products

1. Scope

1.1. The following license terms apply to all free versions of the products distributed through the WoltLab Plugin Store as well as through the manufacturer's website, manufactured by D1strict-Development (formerly Sir.Robo Media or Sir.Robo Development) acting under Felix Waßmuth (hereinafter referred to as the manufacturer).

1.2. The terms of this license agreement apply exclusively. Verbal side agreements or any terms and conditions of the recipient are already contradicted. Only changes notified in writing by the manufacturer are possible after consultation.

1.3. By downloading and installing the product, you declare your agreement with the present license terms. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not install this copy of the product.

1.4. Your right to use the Product automatically terminates if any of the terms of these License Terms are violated. Upon termination of the right to use the Product, you shall delete the Product from the servers and databases used and destroy all copies of the Product, including the documentation provided with the Product and any modified and altered versions of the Product.

1.5. The manufacturer is not responsible for content posted by third parties in a purchased product. In particular, by distributing the product, the manufacturer is neither a provider of its own information, nor a service provider of third party information.

2. Rights of Use

2.1. The manufacturer grants licensees a non-exclusive, geographically unrestricted right to use the software in perpetuity.

2.2. The Software may be used for commercial purposes.

2.2. Licensee persons are not entitled to decompile, modify or edit the Software beyond the extent provided by law, i.e., unless this is necessary for the creation of an interface to other software products or for the elimination of errors in the Software. Licensee may, however, modify, edit the source code of the Software as well as the corresponding database structure of the Software allocated by tables at his own risk in order to adapt it to his needs both graphically and functionally.

2.3. Licensees are entitled to reference this product in their own plugins (requiredpackages). In this case, this product may be implemented in the user's product.

2.4. Copyright notices as well as other features serving the software and source code identification may not be removed or changed. They must be transferred to every copy of the software. This does not apply if you have purchased a "Branding Free" license from the manufacturer, which entitles you to remove the relevant copyright and other proprietary notices.

2.5. content that is under its own license remains untouched by this license.

3. Updates

3.1. The manufacturer shall provide updates for the product at regular intervals.

3.2. Licensees are free to install the respective update. However, it is pointed out that the manufacturer does not provide any support for software that is not up-to-date. The manufacturer is exempt from any liability in the event of failure to install updates, provided that the manufacturer provides evidence that the defect would not have occurred if the latest updates had been installed.

3.3. The manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage, errors, data loss or the like, which have arisen through the use of the product or have arisen through improper use of the software or through own changes to the source code or the database structure assigned by tables.

3.4. Support may be terminated at any time without cause.

3.5. Own modifications to the source code of the software will void any support claim.

4. Passing on

4.1. Resale of the Software is prohibited.

4.2. You may not reproduce, copy or distribute the Software without explicit permission.

4.3. The Software may only be distributed in its original and unmodified state.

4.4. The software may not be made available on other platforms (e.g. Github, own package server, etc.) without the permission of the manufacturer.